Chris Werthe

Education is our great equalizer in the world as it allows for greater opportunities in life. It is something that can never be taken from you and should be invested in. When we invest in education the economy locally and nationally does better. I am concerned about our education system in California, we Rank 41st in spending per student and number 1 in per prisoner spending, that is unacceptable!

I have a child who attends the Hart High School District and two more on the way (pre k and 1st).

I want to ensure solvency for much needed programs in the district, especially special education. The special education program is vital to everyone, not just those families in need, as we prosper and struggle together. So it is to our advantage that we have a well educated populace as a whole, not just those who won the genetic lottery.

The career technical education program is a must as industry is constantly searching for trained individuals in the trades. College is not the only place for a good job and therefore career technical education needs to be expanded. Welding, machining, and other industrial technology jobs should be taught. As an employee at the largest municipal utility in the country (LA Dept. of Water and Power) I see everyday the struggle to find trained employees for good paying trade skill jobs.

Castaic High school is way behind schedule and deserves an open audit that shows how money is spent vs is the money being spent properly. The voters should know how the money is being spent besides the general term “land and Construction costs”. A line item budget should be provided to allow transparency in the process to guarantee the contractors are not fleecing the voters.

The statement, “I care about our schools” is not always enough. I am invested personally in our school system and I want the best for everyone’s children, including my own. Vote Werthe for Hart School Board this November to maintain our excellent schools, expand needed programs, and bring a voice that represents the future of the Hart School District!