My Vision for Santa Clarita

Measure SA Bond Money – Actuals vs. Promised deliverables.

We as voters deserve to know how this money is being spent and a more comprehensive line item budget should be released for public view.  Transparency is paramount for trust in our government and the voters deserve that. I propose of a release of a more detailed budget/expense report of Measure SA money for independent analysis that would show if the projects list will be delivered on budget as the voters deserve.

Improvements made to existing infrastructure

These improvements should have taken priority over the construction of a new school.  The majority of students will be at existing facilities and those students deserve updated classrooms and permanent structures not shipping containers like at Placerita Canyon. I propose to expand our existing schools, as measure SA intended, to offer an equal opportunity across the valley for career technical training so the Castaic High School is not the only place kids will want to go.

Falling enrollment in the 2018-19 budget

With the falling enrollment projected out in the 2018-19 budget document actions should be taken to mitigate debt service in the budget and not take on more debt with the leaseback of facilities to fund projects intended to be covered through Measure SA. Falling enrollment should be taken into account in the projected capacity of the schools.  Therefore I will get the proposed projects back on track and stop taking on more debt to sustain the solvency of our schools.